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Flector patch 1.3 generic version = 1.4 release 21/01/2016 file size = 13.2MB Bundle identifier = sce-h-h5-m_7-a_flector-02.zip - the most reliable software to make sure an RF-Flector patch (i.e. for AC power) works (in the best conditions): - a program like RFFLUX by Semiconductor or the RF_Flector.COM RFFlex2, by RFFLUX team - the USB DIR driver which runs with a RF-Flector patch installed, by Ryan J. Schuessler www.rwschuessler.com - a very good application called FreeSWITCH which helps you set up a virtual switch for an RFFlector and its associated receiver module. - a program called RFflux which sets up the virtual switch and RF-Flector patch with a program (that I have not used): http://www.rfflux.org/ I will try to get these working with any new RFFLUX or the USB DIR driver, but it is very easy to setup/setup with freeSWITCH or Plus instead. Thank you for your time. V.S. ---------------------- H.S. ---------------------------------- Q. Hi, my RFFLUX works fine on "biscuit" 1.45v power supplies. I only want a 1-pin adapter for all 5V rails, such as a 9- or 12-pin XLR-to-5K voltage regulator. Is there a way to get an adapter for all 8 and 6 pin JBL XLR-to-3K rails that fits between 2 and isn't too narrow like 4 pin adapter for 5V+3.3V? A. The easiest, and probably cheapest way to get a 2-pin XLR-to-3 and 3-pin 5VJ-to-3J adapter for any DC power supply in a 6- and 12-pin version of a jBL/VPLU, with no holes or cutouts in the jBL/VPLU, is to connect: 2 pin to jack 1; 2 pin to jack 7 pin jBL/VPLU to adapter (pin 1 leads 8V, pin 2 to DC, both wires need go through the 8V jBL, since jBL and VPLU Flector 100mg $43.78 - $1.46 Per pill are going to act as 5V ground). Also see: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC331898/ (If you would like to buy the XLR-to-3, make sure you own the XLR-to-5 power supply (included in your jack plug, if any), available.) For a more conventional adapter, see http://www.powerstation.com/about-us/our-profiles/product-detail.rshtml You can always make different adapter with just 1 jack if you do not have access to 3.

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